Police Station Representation

It is important that anyone interviewed by the police has legal advice prior to that interview. What you say to the police in interview can have significant implications in relation to the investigation and any subsequent court proceedings. We regularly see clients at court who may have avoided prosecution altogether if they had been represented by a solicitor in interview.  Number One Law has a team of solicitors and police station representatives with expertise, and many years experience, of advising clients in interview at the police station. We offer representation at the police station 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and bank holidays. Representation in police interview by Number One Law is FREE of charge to everyone regardless of the offence or your financial circumstances. Don’t make the mistake of going into interview without legal representation. Number One Law representatives are always available to protect your legal rights and to give you expert legal advice.


What should I do if I am arrested?


You will be taken into custody and asked by a custody sergeant if you want a solicitor. You should say “YES” and ask the custody sergeant to contact Number One Law.


Will I be kept in custody longer if I ask for a solicitor?


No! There is no reason why legal advice should delay your time in custody. Our representatives are based locally and will attend the police station as soon as the police are ready to interview you.


The police have said they do not intend to arrest me and have asked  me to attend for a voluntary interview. Can I still have a solicitor?


Yes, you are still entitled to be represented by a solicitor in a voluntary interview.  What you say in a voluntary interview can be just as important as an interview in police custody. You should also have legal advice. Representation by Number One Law in a voluntary interview is also FREE of charge to you regardless of your circumstances. Don’t underestimate a voluntary interview just because you will not be arrested. Contact Number One law LLP and we will make the arrangements for one of our representatives to attend the police station with you.


I am going to interviewed by DWP, RSPCA or HMRC. Can I still be represented by a solicitor?


Yes, you are entitled to legal representation. The implications of these interviews can be just as important as interviews with the police. Number One Law can also assist you with these investigations. The legal aid position is different and you are not automatically entitled to free representation.  However, legal aid may be available depending on your circumstances. We can assess your eligibility for legal aid or, if necessary, provide a quote for our fees on a private basis.