Transparency of Costs

This information relates to road traffic offences which can only be heard in the Magistrates Court. This does not apply to road traffic offences that may be heard at the Crown Court such as dangerous driving or causing death by dangerous driving.

We aim to ensure that any potential client can make an informed decision on their representation before instructing us. It is important part of that decision for you to know in advance the cost of our representation and what that includes.

We will consider in every case whether you may be entitled to legal aid.  If an application for legal aid is granted for the Magistrates Court proceedings then our advice and representation will be free of charge to you.

Where you wish to instruct us, and legal aid is not available, you will be responsible for  your own legal fees. We would normally carry out this work on a fixed fee basis. We have set out below the fixed fees which we offer to deal with straightforward cases before the Magistrates Court. You should note that the fees quoted are based on cases heard in our local court at Doncaster Magistrates Court. We regularly represent clients elsewhere and we will accept instructions at other courts. However cases heard at courts other than Doncaster will incur higher fixed fees to reflect the travel time to and from the court as well as disbursements for mileage and parking.

Representation at court – guilty plea entered and case sentenced at a single hearing – £360 inclusive of VAT

Representation at court – guilty plea entered and sentenced at a second hearing – £540 inclusive of VAT

Representation at court – not guilty plea and a trial lasting no longer than half a court day – £900 inclusive of VAT*

Representation at court – not guilty plea and a trial  lasting no longer than 1 court day – £1500 inclusive of VAT*

 Exceptional hardship argument to avoid disqualification at a single hearing – £480 inclusive of VAT

*If the trial is complex, requiring extensive preparation, or likely to last more than 1 court day then our fees will be higher. We will provide a quote and where possible will quote on a fixed fee basis. Equally there may be cases where we can agree a lesser fee if limited preparation work and court advocacy is going to be required.

The fees quoted include the following:

  • Reviewing the evidence and taking instructions from you.
  • Providing advice in relation to plea and sentence
  • Representation at court
  • Advice on appeal against conviction and sentence (the fees do not include any appeal against conviction or sentence)

In the event that hearings have to be adjourned due to a lack of court time or other issues then we do reserve the right to make additional charges.

The fees quoted do not include the following:

  • The instruction of any expert witness
  • Any disbursements or expenses reasonably incurred by us

You will be represented by one of the Number One Law solicitors, James Gray, Ross Wagstaff or Stacey Merritt. You can view their profiles on our website.

It is difficult to provide a certain timescale without knowing more about an individual case. However, in general terms we can provide the following information in relation to timescales:

  • We anticipate that the majority of guilty plea cases can be finalised at the first hearing. However, some cases may require an adjournment and could take approximately 6 weeks to reach a conclusion.
  • We would expect a contested case to involve a minimum of 2 hearings and have a have a timescale of at least 16 weeks.

We will be able to provide you with a better estimate of the timescales involved once we know more about your case.